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Design, innovation and top product quality with a high-volume production

Storia Laboratorio

It’s hard to say if it was the fabled 1896 legend of the 34 villagers from Clauzetto who embarked on a journey to construct the Trans-Siberian railroad, or if it was the stories told by the emigrants upon their return to the village for the winter months or, maybe even the allure of the luxury motors that transported the Venetian bourgeoisie to their holiday homes in Friuli in the ‘50s.
Who knows what ignited the fire in the belly of Maurizio Zannier, the founder of Cotonella, inspiring him to leave his native land and become an entrepreneur?
What is certain is that the passion stayed alive for a long time and created an enterprise that was the first in Italy able to combine design, innovation and top product quality with a high-volume production.
Naturally, the Italian economic post-war miracle facilitated the enterprise, nonetheless, it took vision and much hard work to become what Cotonella is today: a fast-growing company operating successfully on foreign markets with a decidedly omnichannel strategy and the most extensive range of garments and lines available in Italy.


Storia Transiberiana