Quality Policy

Ente certificatore Certificato ISO 9001

COTONELLA SPA utilizes a Quality Policy aimed at meeting Market needs at 360°. Keeping in mind the current difficult market situation, in the next few years the company would like to concentrate more of its energies on:

  • Improving the relationship between Company and Customer in order to increase the level of customer service
  • Put in place a policy of commercial expansion aimed at guaranteeing the distribution of products with the greatest performance in terms of style, quality and earnings

Certificato ISO 9001 Cotonella


To reach these goals it is necessary to achieve excellence in all steps, from the design phase to product delivery and keep the following ten points in mind:

1) Constantly MONITOR market trends and tendencies through all groups related to sales that, through their managers, will keep the head offices informed in real time.

2) GUARANTEE, through continuous QUALITY control, products that are safe, comfortable, long-lasting, of reliable quality, technically tested and with competitive pricing. Managers of Buying and Product offices will be guarantee this objective.

3) APPLY winning strategies along with strict MANAGEMENT CONTROL over the entire production process in order to guarantee the placement of products on the market that respect the right PRICE/QUALITY rapport, correct profit margin and are in compliance with Oeko-Tex regulations safeguarding health.

4) APPLY the concept of QUALITY to the entire production process seeking CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in each sector.

5) DELEGATE each task to the responsible individual who will have the duty to perform with competence and responsibility, paying attention to solving all the problems that might occur during the process.

6) DEVELOP and IMPROVE communication within the company among the various sectors by involving the Operations Committee and the Product Committee.

7) ESTABLISH a Training Program for all stakeholders internal and external to the COTONELLA System aimed at achieving excellence in work performance with the final objective to obtain constant improvement in Quality both for product and for process. The training and development program will be determined each time for individual sectors.

8) SELECT the best suppliers to involve in a PARTNERSHIP project so that the best and the most proactive become an integral part of the production process.

9) PUT in PLACE a series of PROCESS INDICATORS aimed at monitoring the performance of each sector in supporting strategic Company decisions.

10) GUARANTEE, MONITOR and IMPROVE quality and performance levels through the use of a Quality Management System developed in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and 2008 certification.

The above will be circulated to all company levels so as to create awareness for all personnel in order that each perform his or her assigned duties effectively, efficiently and responsibly as established by the Management.

Management will personally work at the coordination and control of the Quality System to ensure that expected results are attained, improvement, approach for processes and risk based thinking are all promoted.

Management annually defines objectives, relative means and targets for improvement in keeping with those expressed in the Quality Policy.

1 July 2019

Marco Zannier