Why you should choose Cotonella


Perhaps more than any other sector of the fashion and clothing industry, underwear production is a vocation, a niche specialty and an art form.
At Cotonella we have been producing successfully since 1972 and we stand firm in our belief that in this business you have to excel in four areas: garment design, the choice of materials, manufacturing methods and innovation. Cotonella has proved to be a leader in this area by introducing the first invisible seamless garments, 100% organic cotton gussets in briefs, makò cotton in knits and bonding technology for finishes, just to name the best known examples. This is why Made By Cotonella
is now synonymous with quality and excellence.



Oeko-Tex Certification (confidence in textiles)

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certification (confidence in textiles)

The closer the product is in contact with the skin the more stringent the human-ecological standards are in order to obtain the international certification STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® that Cotonella attained in 2001 a guarantee that your garments are tested for harmful substances.

So it is an excellent guarantee for consumers.



Cotone biologico

Organic cotton gusset

Today the 100% organic cotton gusset is featured on all L’Intimo Naturale briefs by Cotonella. It is sewn internally to protect the most intimate parts of the body and is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. An important contribution towards the promise of total comfort guaranteed for all the products of our new lines.




54 Quality Checks

54 Quality Checks

In accordance with the UNI EN 10 9001 certification standards all fabrics used by Cotonella undergo 54 laboratory tests at our manufacturing facilities.


The most important analysis focuses on checking:

  • Fabric breathability
  • Washability
  • Colour fastness
  • The total absence of harmful substances.




100% pure mako cotton, with extra-long staple fibres spun with innovative manufacturing processes to create exceptionally lightweight vests, weighing less than 120gr/m2 and as soft as a second skin. This is the innovation that was patented in 2000 with the internationally registered trademark Magliapiuma®. So, what has gained most customer approval? The exceptional durability of the garments over time due to the greater resistance of mako cotton and its natural elasticity, combined with the dimensional stability of the fabric that is sanforized in the finishing phase.